How do nookees work?

nookees are made out of two components: pads ’n panties. You snap the reusable pads with the button system into the panties and use them. No moving, no leaking, just comfortable safety during your period. Afterwards you can put everything into the laundry (up to 60 °C) and use it again.

Are nookees hygienic?

The organic cotton we use for nookees pads is naturally breathable, which means that there is no space for any bacterias, fungals or bad odor at all. Also the fact that you can wash them up to 60 °C, makes nookees pads absolutely hygienic.

How much liquid do nookees absorb?

We find it a bit weird to make promises like „can hold up to xy tampons…“. Because even with tampons usually you change once ONE is full, right? So what’s the point of leaving the liquid of xy of them inside your pad? The absorbency level depends on the style of nookees pads you choose and the style of period you bleed.

How long can I use nookees?

As long as you feel comfortable and safe.

How many pairs do I need?

The starter kit comes with one pair of nookees panties and three pads in different absorbency levels. Refill packages contain either one pantie or three pads of your choice. Usually you should be fine with one starter kit and one pantie/ pads refill.

When do I have to change nookees?

Depending on your flow you should change your pads whenever you feel that they already absorbed quite an amount of blood. For some that means sooner, for some later.

Do I sweat with nookees? Do they feel "wet" while I'm using them?

As we just use special woven organic cotton for the different layers of nookees pads, you will not sweat at all. That’s the difference to most of the other period products on the market: As they still use plastic, your skin can not breathe properly. nookees feels more comfortable, even if they are already full of blood. The „wet“ feeling of course depends on how often you change them.

Can I use nookees also for bladder leaks?

nookees are designed as a period product, and that’s where they perform the best. But of course you can try and probably use them for light bladder leaks too.

What kind of materials are nookees made of?

For our panties we use modal; a sustainable fiber that is made out of cellulose, a natural component of wood. It’s biodegradable and at the end of its life cycle, the fibers can re-enter the eco-system.

nookees pads are made out of specially woven cotton to provide a maximum of suction power. They are organic and GOTS certified by CERES-082; furthermore the cotton plants for the production grow in rainy areas like parts of Uganda and Kirgistan.

The snap buttons we use for nookees are nickel free and OEKO-Tex 100 certified; same as the lace which is produced under STeP by OEKO-Tex standards.

Why are nookees better than any other period product?

No plastic = no weird feeling on your skin. Let your yoni breathe! That’s the basic formula. Our organic material makes you feel more comfortable but still safe.

Why do you use snap buttons?

Because they hold nookees pads right and tight on the spot where they belong. Believe us, we tried so many different versions on how to stick pads into panties. And the snap buttons we chose are definitely the safest ones to use.

Do nookees work like regular pads from the supermarket?

Not at all. The regular pads that you might know usually contain a lot of chemicals and toxins, that’s why they are able to soak up the blood in less than one heartbeat. The plastic inside makes them pretty leak proof, but due to that not compostable for a long long time. nookees pads are made out of special woven organic cotton, that is absolutely non toxic and plastic free. And it still absorbs…

Are nookees organic?

nookees pads are 100% organic. the fiber we use for the panties is made out of cellulose, a natural component of wood. It’s biodegradable and at the end of its life cycle, the fibers can re-enter the eco-system.

Which size do I need?

Just choose the regular size of underwear you use normally. If you’re in doubt you can measure your hips and follow our measurements: XS (hip: 89-92 cm), S (hip: 94-97 cm), M (hip: 99-102 cm), L (hip: 104-107 cm), XL (hip: 109-111 cm).

What's the difference between the sizes of the nookees pads?

Depending the layers inside of nookees pads they come in three different absorbency levels: One, two & three bloody drops.

Where and how are nookees produced?

We work together with a family run factory based in Indonesia. Our manufacturing partner is an expert in production and prioritizes ethical, sustainable product development. The best thing: Our kids even go to the same school so it is kind of a friends & family cooperation.

Why are nookees sustainable?

We only use natural fabrics. Two of them. Cotton meets modal fiber and it just snaps. No need for plastic. No need for chemicals. No need for irritants. No need for anything that can be bad for you or our environment. And of course, no need to throw them away. Just use them again. And again… Zero waste here we come!

Where can I put my used pads when I’m not at home but have to change them?

With every nookees starter kit we provide a special pouch that is designed to use with your (used) pads. The inside material is waterproof and you can seal it with a zipper. There is even a small hangar on each pouch, that you can snap on your washed nookees pads and hang them to dry.

What does "one for you - one for her" mean?


Is there a way to help you with that?

Sure! If you want to do more beside of buying nookees and supporting our work, just hit us up and we will find a way.

What is your goal with nookees?

Doing a lot of research about menstruation and all the problems around it, we found out that there is so much more than creating a sustainable and reliable period product. For a lot of women being on their period can imply way bigger problems than not finding the right period product. Since we realized how many women are discriminated during their menstruation, we see the big change we can do with nookees. Our goal is to help women all around the world to feel proud of and safe during their cycle.

How do you ship and how much is it?

We ship with climate neutral shipping and the costs depend on where you want to ship your nookees:

Shipping costs within EU:
7,00 €

Shipping costs worldwide (Australia, England, Indonesia, Russia, Switzerland, USA):
14,00 €

Read more about Shipping.

How about the nookees packaging?

nookees packaging is sustainable and smart. By minimizing material but still creating an unique experience for you to last. We use:

* FSC certified, acid-, lignin- and sulfur free paper
* soy based ink
* compostable mailer and bags made up of plant materials as cassava, corn and wheat.

Instead of regular hangtags, that usually land in the trash within a couple of minutes, you get a nookees menstruation calendar that helps you to track your period for at least one year. Beside that you have everything you need to know about nookees summarized. Washing instruction and material information are printed directly into the pads ’n pants.

As proud part of the Eco Packaging Alliance, our supplier contributes to global reforestation. We order our packaging materials, they plant trees in areas of need. Well done!

What is the story behind nookees?

„I was so tired of using tampons full of chemicals, pads full of plastic or anything weird to stick inside of me. So I wanted to create a product, that would make me and other women feel safe and comfortable during our period without damaging the environment every month.“ With this idea Janina went to meet her friend Johannes for a coffee break in Bali. „I still remember his face, when I put the reusable pads I used to use for quite a while on the coffee table and talked open (and probably excited and probably also a bit loud) about having my period and the struggle of it. After all the insides of menstruation blood and monthly frustration, Johannes was amazed by her concept. They partnered up, created and tried, succeeded and failed for more than one year. Finally nookees was ready.

How can I wash nookees?

As we are only using amazing robust and of course sustainable materials (most of them are even organic), there is no special (laundry) treatment needed. Wash them hot, or cold, short, or long, by hand or machine. You can even put them into the dryer or under the iron. But if you ask us: Better skip that last part to avoid inefficient use of electricity…

We personally prefer to rinse the pads in cold water after use. On laundry day the pads ’n panties wander into the machine and get tumbled with the rest of any clothes. Hang them dry (with the hanger of the pouch) and use them again. And again. And again…