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  • nookees panties

For our panties we use modal; a sustainable fiber that is made out of cellulose, a natural component of wood. It’s biodegradable and at the end of its life cycle, the fibers can re- enter the eco-system.

The snap buttons we use for nookees are nickel free and OEKO-Tex 100 certified; same as the lace which is produced under STeP by OEKO-Tex standards.

Measure your hips and follow our measurements (in centimetre):
XS (hip: 89-92 cm)
S (hip: 94-97 cm)
M (hip: 99-102 cm)
L (hip: 104-107 cm)
XL (hip: 109-111 cm)

Please keep in mind that measurements are just an approximate indicator. Due to the manufacturing process, items can slightly vary in size.

Be part of the change, be part of “one for you – one for her”:
You buy one set of nookees, we donate another set to women all over the world who can not afford menstruation products. Wether in Nepal, Africa, Brazil or somewhere else on the planet.

For more information please read carefully our FAQ’s. Or write us a message.

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