nookees are highly absorbent menstruation pads that snap into comfortably designed panties.

100% plastic free, reusable & safe.

“I’ve been looking for a product like nookees for such a long time. A real alternative to other menstruation products that work, make me feel safe, look beautiful… and is 100% plastic free!”


“Organic, sustainable, reusable and the One for you – One for her program. nookees feels right in so many different ways. How I love to suppot other women while using an amazing product.”


“I feel so femenine wearing my nookees. The design is beautiful and makes me feel good and safe. I even wear the pants when I’m not bleeding because they look amazing and are super comfortable.”



Bleed for a better period

nookees let your menstruation blood head to where it belongs. Just go with the flow. Everything you put inside your body while bleeding might irritate your period and can lead to allergic reactions, hormone disruption and reproductive disorders. 


Bleed for a better nature

Tampons and disposable pads are made up to 90% out of plastic. One pad contains the same amount of four plastic bags and needs around 500 years to decompose.

nookees are 100% plastic free, reusable & safe.

One for you –
One for her

We are on a mission: Not just to make you period better and have the possibility to use an amazing menstrual product. With nookees we make a contribution to help women all around the world to feel proud of and safe during their menstruation. And we walk the talk. 

Whenever you buy one set of nookees, we provide access to free menstrual hygiene products to women that need our encouragement. With every purchase you do we send out one extra package of nookees to our partner projects in Indonesia, Uganda, Nepal and Brasil.


We make a difference. Every month.

nookees CEO Janina Breitling

Janina Breitling, mother, journalist, world-traveler, author, CEO & founder of nookees. After saying good-bye to tampons and plastic period products, but having a hard time with reusable pads for quite a long time she had enough of bad performance, bad quality and worse design. In her mind the idea of copper colored buttons having a snappy date with soak-able and soft organic fabrics, started to flow. And flow.